Kanji Kitamura


Kanji Kitamura is an adjunct faculty member at Hawaii Pacific University and Loyola University Chicago, where he teaches courses on international business and Japanese culture, literature, and language. He is also a PhD candidate at Monash University. With over 20 years of experience in corporate banking, Kanji worked as a bank manager for the former Mitsui Bank in Japan and MUFG Financial Group in the USA. His previous roles involved supervising a team of credit analysts that managed large credit portfolios exceeding $10 billion in assets, consisting of multinational corporations such as Toyota Motor North America, American Honda Motor, Nissan North America, Panasonic, and Sony Entertainment.

Kanji's academic interests revolve around comparative studies of Japan and related areas, including corporate finance within a real-world context, credit analysis primarily of multinational corporations, international business with an emphasis on cross-cultural studies, intercultural communication, and translation studies. He favours qualitative approaches to reveal the unknown, although he has had experience with number-crunching professional duties.

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