Socio-Anthropological Analysis of Marriage and Family Among Mosuo Community in China (67181)

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The Mosuo people live in the mountainous region of southwest China, on the border of Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, in the Lugu Lake area. This group has been under-represented in the field of research which often resulted to exclusion of some social services. Marriage has often been the subject of study among anthropologist all over the world. This study will investigate the construction of marriage, familial patterns of Mosuo rural community and analyze their special marital status, practices, and functions of marriage using System theory and Functionalist theory. Fifty Mosuo families in China are chosen as participants of the study. This research will use qualitative approach, to enable the researchers to identify some unexpected issues that may arise during data collection. In this research, a theoretical paradigm will be established as a frame of reference in interpreting research findings. The researchers will use ethnographic methods to understand the problem deeper, supplemented by participant observation, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and textual analysis to qualitatively collect anthropological data. The collection of first-hand data can provide an extensive understanding of the marital patterns and family structures of Mosou community. The expected outcome of this study is a systematic analysis of the family structure and marriage system of the Mosuo people from the socio-anthropological perspective. In addition, this may improve the record of racial and ethnic groups in China for societal awareness and future involvement of Mosuo community for policy formulation and practices implications. The data obtained can be used by future researchers, local government, and concerned authorities to become more tolerant of diversity.

Rosalie Palaroan, Wenzhou Kean University, China
Hanning Wang, Wenzhou Kean University, China
Wei Zhou, Wenzhou Kean University, China
Hang Li, Wenzhou Kean University, China
Li Minhui, Wenzhou Kean University, China
Yu Yiping, Wenzhou Kean University, China

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Dr Rosalie Palaroan is a University Professor/Principal Lecturer at Wenzhou Kean University in China

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