Sociocultural Waray Traits in the Poems of Voltaire Oyzon, Harold Mercurio, Janis Claire Salvacion, Victor Sugbo and Neil Lopido (67961)

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This literary study investigates the Waray Visayan sociocultural traits in five select contemporary Waray Visayan poems, “Gab-i” (“Night”) by Voltaire Oyzon, “Ayaw Pagpudla an Tuog” (“Don’t Cut the Tuog”) by Harold Mercurio, “Hingyap” (“Desire”) by Victor Sugbo, “Kahayag” (“Light”) by Janis Claire Salvacion, and “Ha Salog” (“By the River”) by Neil Lopido. Specifically, it explores the poetic visions revealing the Waray Visayan sociocultural traits; the mimetic visions expressing the persona-addressee transactions; and the dominant figurative language supporting the visions employing the qualitative method especially mimetic and sociocultural analyses through textual analysis. Findings reveal the poetic visions expressing the Waray sociocultural traits of enduring selfless love; respect for all forms of life and environment protection, and honoring elders’ wishes; love and nurturing of parents and elders as guide and light in life; the heart’s yearning for home; and like nature, life and love have seasons and can ebb and flow like a river. In conclusion, poetic visions reveal the traits of sentimentality, love of nature, Waray ferocity and resilience, resignation and patience, respect for elders, the Waray’s deep sense of utang nga bu-ot (debt of gratitude), palabra de honor (keeping one’s word), honoring the covenant of mutual coexistence between the “seen” and the “unseen”, religious duality and belief in superstitions, attachment to and love for inherited land, Waray family cohesiveness and filial love, Waray quaint sense of humor, hope in action, strong sense of nostalgia, and tendency to be pensive and indulge in daydreaming, all expressed in exquisite figurative language.

Maria Belinda Lora, Eastern Visayas State University, Philippines

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Dr MA. BELINDA LORA is a University Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer at Eastern Visayas State University in Philippines

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