Influence of Romantic Comedies on Young Adults’ Perception of Relationships (68654)

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Monday, 29 May 2023 15:00
Session: Session 3
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The paper „Influence of romantic comedies on young adults’ perception of relationships“ focuses on the effect of the consumption of romantic comedies. The goal of the paper is to whether a correlation exists between the consumption of romantic comedies and young adults’ attitudes towards romantic relationships, including their opinions, ideas, expectations, and relationship behavior.
The theoretical section introduces romantic comedies as a movie genre. It presents the history of the genre, key practices and approaches, and typical characteristics. The work further describes how audio-visual media can potentially influence the audience, presents major theoretic approaches to audience research, and summarizes current knowledge and results in the field of the influence of romantic comedies.
The following practical section shows the process and results of the research, which was done using a mixed approach including mainly interviews with young adults. In contrast to previous research, this work emphasized a gender-equal research sample to describe the influence on men as well, even though they are not the primary target group. The interviews focused on different aspects of romantic comedies’ consumption, respondents’ attitudes toward real romantic relationships, their belief in romantic myths, and their perception of characters’ behavior in romantic comedies. The practical section of the paper includes a brief analysis of the content of selected romantic comedies: Grease (1978), Pretty Woman (1990), Love Actually (2003), 500 Days of Summer (2009), and Friends with Benefits (2011).

Veronika Konickova, University of Economics and Business Prague, Czech Republic

About the Presenter(s)
Veronika Konickova is a doctoral student at the University of Economics and Business Prague, focused on marketing management. Her interests are media, popular culture, and visual communication. Besides her studies, she is a freelance photographer.

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