The Influence of Online Social Capital and Life Satisfaction on Suicidal Ideation Among Undergraduate Students in Hong Kong (70154)

Session Information: Psychology & Social Psychology
Session Chair: Brigita Mieziene

Saturday, 27 May 2023 10:20
Session: Session 1
Room: Room 705
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According to a large-scale survey (Piscopo, 2017), 6% of the younger aged 18-25 years, firmly reported that they had seriously thought about killing themselves in the past 12 months, which presented a higher rate than the other age groups. One of the major reasons referred to the dissatisfaction in their life. Along with the rapid development of the Internet, younger actively search for online information and use social networking sites, to build social networks and resolve problems. It assumes that online social capital may be one of the effective strategies for the young to attenuate the degree of suicidal ideation.

Considering that, the purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between online social capital and suicidal ideation, with life satisfaction regarded as a mediator.

187 undergraduate students were recruited with convenient sampling. Standardised psychological measurements were used to access the above three factors.

Simple linear regression analysis showed that there was a negative relationship between online social capital and suicidal ideation (p <.001); and a positive relationship between online social capital and life satisfaction (p <.001). Then, the mediation model revealed that life satisfaction was a valid mediator in the relationship between online social capital and suicidal ideation (p <.001). In general, online social capital is an important and powerful source for improving younger life satisfaction, and further attenuating the effect of suicidal ideation.

Vanessa Hoi Mei Cheung, Caritas Institute of Higher Education, Hong Kong
Wan Sang Kan, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

About the Presenter(s)
Vanessa is a lecturer at the Caritas Institute of Higher Education and currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Hong Kong. She research interests focus on clinical/health psychology and digital psychology, such as social capital and suicide.

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