Social Roles and Age Identity Among Japanese Men and Women in Late Adulthood (70348)

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Friday, 26 May 2023 15:15
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Room: Room 701
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This study examines social factors associated with identifying oneself as an "old person" among Japanese men and women in late adulthood and explores gender differences in those associations. Prior research has shown that there is a variety in age identity among those in later life even though they are the same chronological age. Some people feel they are old, while others think they are middle-aged or younger. Social roles played by individuals have been considered as one of those factors that may affect such self-perceptions. However, the association between social roles and age identity has not yet been fully clarified for Japanese men and women in later life. Analyses of national survey data of Japanese men and women aged 60 years and above have revealed that more than half of the respondents did not perceive themselves as an "old person". Regression analyses have demonstrated that these variations in the self-perception of age are partly explained by the social roles they involve. For example, we observed that non-workers were more likely to perceive themselves as an old person than their working counterparts after controlling for other variables (e.g., age and health). Furthermore, we found significant gender differences in the effects of some roles. Having a coresident spouse is negatively associated with identifying themselves as an old person for men but not for women. The results may reflect gendered organizations of social roles in Japanese society.

Saeko Kikuzawa, Hosei University, Japan

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Dr Saeko Kikuzawa is a University Professor/Principal Lecturer at Hosei University in Japan

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