Startup Business Finance, Valuation and Ethics: Methods and Techniques (70506)

Session Information: Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
Session Chair: Wee-Liang Tan

Sunday, 28 May 2023 15:10
Session: Session 4
Room: Room 704
Presentation Type:Oral Presentation

This paper examines the interactions between Music business ethics related to start-up music businesses and discusses their methods and techniques for start-up music business finance and valuation. The practice of music business ethics creates trust between the funding agency and start-up entrepreneurs that helps to mitigate investors' problems in the music industry. In such cases, investors can use contracts involving financial ethics in the music business. However, in the absence of the practice of normative entrepreneurial, funding agency problems arise that need to be resolved by Informal agreement with assigned additional legal criteria. This paper argues that the traditional form of start-up music business valuation limitation on contractual forms enhances the funding agency and start-up entrepreneurial problems to grow their business. Besides this, this paper explores the effective methods and techniques of start-up music business valuation, finance, and ethics which reduce the challenges of music business start-ups and mitigate funding agency problems. When music-normative business ethics are not practiced but financial business ethics are practiced, investors can finance entrepreneurs by using cutting-edge era Start-up business valuation methods to alleviate funding agency problems and can add these methods and techniques as a practice term in an Informal agreement for assigned additional legal criteria. On the other hand, if normative and entrepreneurial business ethics are not practiced then the funding agency problem cannot be mitigated by contractual means.

Manish Sharma, Lovely Professional University, India
Kulvinder Singh, Lovely Professional University, India

About the Presenter(s)
Mr Manish Sharma is a University Doctoral Student at Lovely Professional University in India

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