The Organisational Role of the Translation of the Mission, Vision and Values – International Japanese Companies in Spain (70743)

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Japanese companies advocate their mission, vision and values as the core elements of their organisations. The mission replies to “What does this company exists for?”. The mission advocates for the future the company aims to be in a lapse of time of 10-50 years later. While, the values are crucial standards shared through all the company. In this research, from the point of view of international management of Japanese companies, we focused in their presence in Spain, and analised the translation to the Spanish language of the mission, vision and values of the 23 major Japanese companies listed in the CNN 500 Global Ranking which have local operations in Spain. We analised quantitively the Spanish translations, comparing with their Japanese and English versions, and classified in 5 levels of quality. Our results found that only 1 of the companies did a direct translation from Japanese to Spanish, while, even translating from English indirectly, only 8 of the 23 companies had an accurate translation of their mission, vision and values to Spanish. On the other side, 10 of the 23 companies had published an incomplete or wrong translation, and in some cases only the English text was available. These findings stand out the lack of investment and effort of Japanese companies to correctly convey to their to global operations these three core elements, that we ponder can result in a miscommunication with their local shareholders, and many others problems, such as the retaining of committed talent, from an organisational side.

Carlos Naranjo Bejarano, Doshisha University, Japan
Philippe Byosiere, University of Doshisha, Japan

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Carlos Naranjo holds a MBA from Doshisha University, and a Degree in Media Sciences from Tokyo University of Technology. Professional translator from Japanese to Spanish. His main research topic is the international management of Japanese companies.

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