Exploring Foreigner Perspectives on Contested Place Names in Okinawa (78529)

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As the global landscape becomes increasingly interconnected, understanding how individuals from diverse backgrounds perceive and approach complex geo-political matters, such as contested place names, is crucial. Taking account of this, this presentation will share results from research that examined the perspectives of foreigners on contested place names in Okinawa, a region marked by territorial naming disputes. Employing a survey-based approach, the study sought to gain comprehensive insights from both foreign residents and tourists. Through on-site survey fieldwork in areas with a high density of foreigners, data was collected to identify trends and patterns in respondents' viewpoints. The significance of this research lies in its potential to enhance cross-cultural understanding and navigate cultural sensitivities related to place names. Insights from foreign perspectives can inform decision-makers about the implications of territorial differences on relations, leading to more informed and culturally aware decisions. Additionally, understanding foreign viewpoints contributes to gauging public opinion both domestically and internationally from a geo-political standpoint.

John Guy Perrem, Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan

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Dr John Guy Perrem is a University Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer at Muroran Institute of Technology in Japan

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