Accepted Presentations

We have received close to 520 submissions from 45 countries.
The following submissions have been accepted for presentation at ACAH2024.

Aesthetics, Design
- Design-Integrated Local Industry Revitalization Strategies: Discuss the “T22 Local Industry Revitalization via Design Project”
- Designing Virtual Restorative Environment with Generative AI: Hardware and Design Considerations
- Evolution of “Color” Elements in Residential Interior Design
- Exploring the Implementation of Graphic Narratives in Permaculture
- From Jewellery to Furniture: Art Deco Lacquer and the Case of Josephine Baker
- Health and Design: Critically Reconsidering an Architecture of Well-Being from a Salutogenic Lens
- In Search for ‘Aesthetic Authorship’: Agatha Christie and the History of British Book Design
- More than just a Corridor: A Case Study of the Spatial Transformation of the ‘Artistic Gallery’ Exhibition
- Research on Colour in Urban Open Space Under the Perspective of Environmental Psychology: Case of Betta Dream Works Phase II
- Resetting Attitudes & Approaches to the Design of Built Environments: Elevating and Celebrating Lived Experience
- Tangible Solutions Towards Vision 2030
- The Influence of Miniaturization of Urban Family Structure on Residential Interior Space Layout in China
- The Research on Sentiment Improvement of Depressing by Emotional Design Product
- Transformation of Theatre Design in Early Twentieth Century Hong Kong: A Socio-Cultural History of Entertainment
- Utilizing the Aesthetic Properties of Felt Fabric as an Experimental Methodology to Enrich Students’ Skills in the Fashion Accessories Course

Arts - Arts Policy, Management and Advocacy
- Biopower of Artists: Traditional and Contemporary Training Logics of Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong
- Cultural Politics and Arts Policy: The Case of Hong Kong’s Cantonese Opera

Arts - Arts Theory and Criticism
- Beyond the Silk: A Comparative Analysis of Female Imagery Based on the Torige Ritsujo No Byobu (鳥毛立女屏風)
- Handheld Fan’s Gender Association: The Power of Social Prejudices in Imperial China (960-1911)
- Harmonizing Tradition and Modernity: An Exploration of Shadang and Elements of Design in Indian Art
- Politics of Exclusion and Identity Outrage in Post Colonial Anglophone Cameroon Drama: A Spivakian Reading of Bate Besong’s ‘The Banquet’
- Resonant Circuits: Dissecting Brutalism’s Urban Politics and Aesthetics in Electroacoustic Dimensions
- Screen Sculpture: A New Type of Digital Art
- The Role of Museums and the Framing of “Art” During the Modernisation of Thailand
- The Study of the Relation Between Interpretation and Existence: Understanding How Spaces Transform into Places Through Experience and Perception
- Unveiling Empowerment: Relating the Influence of Hermione Granger to “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”

Arts - Teaching and Learning the Arts
- Reflections on a Cross-Cultural Exchange: Using Dance to Explore Perspectives on the Significance of Water in Japan and Canada

Cyberspace, Technology
- A Study of Communication Needs in Medical Interventions Using AAC for Critical Care Recovery Patients
- Ranking of Risks Based on Behavioural Decisions in an Information Technology Project

- “This Is How I Fight”: Reimagining Asian-American Masculinities in Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

First Nations and Indigenous Peoples
- Deer Woman, Come and Get Your Love: A Critical Examination of the Role and Purpose of Deer Woman
- Reflection on Tribal Cultural Experience: Shared Symbiosis of Tacit Knowledge
- The Relevance of Resources Supporting Cultural Identity for Indigenous Children

Foreign Languages Education & Applied Linguistics (including ESL/TESL/TEFL)
- A Phenomenological Study of the Barriers in English Pakistan International Cricket Players
- Orthographic Blues: Error Analysis in French Class at Vocational High School 6 Yogyakarta

- Determinant of Repayment Challenges for Microfinance Borrowers in Myanmar
- The Japanese Market Outlook: Missing Links and the Future Prospect

- Analyzing the Views of Contemporary Turkish Women Thinkers Through the Lens of Feminist Theory
- Ecological Reflections in the Roman World: Unveiling Nature’s Dialogue Between Art and Literature
- Gender, Performativity and Labour: A Case Study on ‘Tamasha’ Tradition and Dalit Womanhood
- Oracles of Ancient Egypt Before the New Kingdom: A Rethinking Experience Based on Ancient Egyptian Literature
- Rethinking Exile Tibetan Democracy: Insights from Early Exile Political Manifestos
- Revolution and Creation: Gao Jianfu’s Experiments in Chinese Painting in the 20th Century
- The Emergence of a Comical Critique in Colonial Bengal: A Study of Cartoons and Caricatures in 19th and 20th Centuries
- The Other ‘Truths’: Revisiting Dissent in Tokyo Trials, 1946
- The Significance of Successive Rise and Fall of States in Rima Basin Region of Northwestern Nigeria, 1516-1817 CE

Humanities - Teaching and Learning
- The Influence of Financial Benefits on Job Satisfaction of Non-teaching Staff from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Immigration, Refugees, Race, Nation
- Effect on Net Migration on Economic Growth Across US States
- Exploring Land and Identity of a First-Generation Chinese-American Immigrant Educator: An Arts-Based Autoethnography
- Humanity Above Right and Wrong: A Case Study of Humanitarian Crises in Gaza City
- Power, System, and Social Action: Reflections on Social Theory
- Rohingya Refugees To Indonesia: An International Legal Perspective
- The Socio-Economic Development Impact of African Migrant Informal Enterprises in Mandeni Municipality, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

International Education
- The Impact of Accreditation and Media Rankings on the Reputation of University-Based Business Schools

- “We Are Different in This Street”: Reimagining the Street, Agency and Hustler Becoming in an African City

Language, Linguistics
- “Rainforest Alliance Logo” as a Key Element of Conspiracies in the German and Slovak Language Space
- A Critical Discourse Analysis of Pinoy-Made Cosmeceuticals E-Advertisements
- A Multimodal Analysis of Selected Placards from the ’Aurat March’ 2018 of Pakistan
- An Optimality-Theoretic Account of WH-Phrasing in Japanese and Malayalam
- Are English Faculty Able to Detect AI-Generated Writing?
- Examining Reading Comprehension Level of the First Year College Students
- Examining the Influence of Learning Environment, Classroom Instruction, Learner’s Motivation on Japanese Pragmatic Competence of Vietnamese Learners: An Emic Approach
- Exploring Heuristic and Hermeneutic Reading of 100 Kufic Towards Ramadan FOKS Indonesia: A Study in Riffaterre’s Semiotics
- Exploring Social Media Critique Comments: A Study of Cyberpragmatic of Thai Netizen Use of Verbal Irony as the Indirect Strategies
- How Indonesian EFL Students Interpret Memes: A Critical Literacy and Relevance Theory Perspective
- Ideational Grammatical Metaphor and Its Impact on Exposition Texts: A Functional Linguistic Perspective
- Indirect Speech in the Movie the Theory of Everything
- Investigating Prefix Diversity: A Comparative Study of Tani Languages with a Focus on Nominal and Stative Verb Roots Usage
- It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Learning): Growth Mindset and Bob Dylan in the Japanese University English Language Classroom
- Language for Change: Unravelling Social Narratives in Advertisements on India’s Sustainable Development Goals
- Metacognitive Knowledge in EFL Academic Writing: Indonesian Master’s Student Context
- On the Appropriation of Critique of Ideology by the Conspiracy Discourse
- Performing in Digital Stages: Introducing Art and Tableaux Vivants in Language Classroom
- Potentially Criminal Verbal Violence in Indonesian: Cultural Linguistic Perspectives and Peaceful Resolution
- Profiling Language Used in Broadcast Media to Represent Internally Displaced Persons in Cameroon and India
- Queer Identities and Acceptance in the Indian Diaspora Through Shani Mootoo’s Literary Landscape
- Study of the Variation of Words in Thai Language: LINE Stickers
- The Impact of ChatGPT on Academic Writing Skills and Knowledge: An Investigation of Its Use in Argumentative Essays
- The Importance of Fostering English Language Learner Autonomy at Musashi University’s Self-Access Learning Center: A Guided Approach for Individual Success
- The Role of Translation in Creating Literary Creativity and Cultural Awareness -Epistemological Approach-

Literary Arts Practices
- Poetry and Empathy in College Algebra: A Nonviolent Pedagogy

Literature/Literary Studies
- (Un)grateful Migrant Domestic Workers in Brett Michael Innes’ Rachel Weeping
- Actantial Analysis of the Three Southeast Asian Trickster Tales
- Activity Versus Disengagement in Alfred Tennyson’s “Ulysses” and “Tithonus”: A Gerontological View
- Applying Vladimir Propp’s Morphology of the Folktale to Nicholas Sparks’ “The Guardian”
- Comparative Analysis of Paranoia in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Miyazaki’s Chihiro
- Embodied Sacredness of Life and Nature’s Assurance in Mary Oliver’s Avian Poems
- Explicating Reader’s Role in ‘The Japanese Wife’
- Exploring Cultural Influences in Farzād’s Persian Interpretation of Hamlet (1957)
- Feminist Poetics in Nawal El Saadawi’s Woman at Point Zero
- Global Coloniality, Economic Justice and Epistemic Reconstruction in Nig Mhlongo’s Novel Dog Eat Dog (2004)
- Heroism, Defection, Liminality of Freedom and the Nigerian-Biafran War in Eddie Iroh’s A Siren in the Night
- History “Speaks Back”: Buenaventura Rodriguez’s Salilang
- Indigenous Aesthetics in Contemporary Literature from North-East India
- Landscapes, Stories and Relationalities: An Ecocritical Reading of Lepcha Oral Narratives
- Marking the 10th Anniversary of the Sewol Disaster: Writings on a National Trauma and Impossible Mourning
- Migration and Identity Crisis in Gulzar’s Literature: In Context of Partition of India
- Nature as a General Religion: The Modes of Exchange in Wu MingYi’s Sea Breeze Hotel
- Navigating the Dark World of Child Sex Trafficking: Violence and Trauma in Anita Nair’s Chain of Custody
- Posthuman Pleasure: Redefining the Accounts of Queer and Sexual Norms in Nonhuman (Animal) in Select Fictions
- Re-imagining Borders in the Northeast Borderlands of India: Yearning for the Past and Its Impossible Return
- Reading ‘Difference’ in Literature: An Ethical Reflection
- Rebel as/in Creative Annihilator: Resistance in Nazrul Islam and Bairagi Kainla
- Reframing Modern Girls in Japan and Turkey: Desire and Self-Representation in Women Authors’ Literary Works
- Situationship in Marcelo Santos III’s “Ikaw Muna at Ako”
- Strategies of Writing Under/After Censorship: Aesopian Utterance and Poonachi
- Study of the Tonal Prosody of Ci Poetry in Song Dynasty Under the Perspective of Digital Humanities
- The Birth of an Island: Oral Narratives of Solferino Borinaga
- The Camp Strategy of Rosi Character in Dimsum Terakhir Novel by Clara Ng
- The Demise of Inherited Property, the Rise of Self-Made Gentlemen in Bleak House
- The Device of the Play Within the Play in Suzan-Lori Parks’s Venus
- The Ghost Platoon: The Zainichi Student Volunteers in the Korean War
- The Italian Translations of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra
- The Phenomenon of Murder as a Symbolic Archetype in the Albanian Oral Narrative
- The Suicidal Reading of Sylvia Plath’s Selected Works Under the Theoretical Frame Work of Durkheim’s Suicide Theory
- Translating Early-Twentieth Century Populism and the Global Imaginary Through “The Bitter Student”
- Understanding Contemporary Korean Sexism Through Cho Nam-Joo’s Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 (2016)

Media Arts Practices: Television, Multimedia, Digital, Online and Other New Media
- Application of Gestalt Principles in Children’s Station IDs
- Design Principles for Integrating Mindfulness Meditation into Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences
- Development of AR Navigation Strategies to Enhance Local Cultural Industries of Changhu Community
- Emotional Fluctuation Expression of Participants in Virtual Interactive Environments Color Composition and Harmony
- Is Seeing Still Believing?
- Measuring Immersion in Virtual Reality: Leveraging Linkography for Evaluation
- Speaking Truth to Power: Parrhesia and Perceptions of the Russo-Ukrainian War in Chinese Online Poetry and Visual Narratives, 2022-Present
- The Preliminary Exploration of the E-lenz Children’s English Learning Device Interface Design
- Use of Television for Awareness Creation About Cholera Disease in Nigeria: A Study of Selected Local Government Area in Niger

Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication
- CinEthics: Israeli Cinema 1960s-2000s
- Confronting the Ephemeral: Exploring the Present Moment in Hong Sang-soo’s Films
- Eastern Ideology in Hollywood Movie: The Cases of Inception (2010), Interstellar (2014) and Oppenheimer (2023) by Director Christopher Nolan
- Ethical and Transformative Dimensions in ‘Kumaré’ and Participatory Documentary Filmmaking
- Excavating Rostock’s Palimpsest Identity: A Visual Rhetorical Analysis of the Deutsche Welle “Foreigners Out” Documentary
- How is Climate Change Reported in Nepali Media? A Critical Discourse Analysis
- Human Embodiment of Technology and “The Uncanny Valley Effect” on Humanoids: A Reading of Android Kunjappan Version 5.25
- Life in the Interstices: Structure, Agency, and More in the Digital World
- Literature and Cinema: A Comparative Study of Two Literary Mediums in ‘Calling Sehmat and ’Raazi’
- Monstrous Becomings in East Asian Gothic: From Parasite Eve to Gyeongseong’s Creature
- Narrative Imagination in Japanese Fantasy and Animation Films: A Dual Melody of the Value of Transcendence and Humanistic Resilience
- Navigating Gendered Representations: A Semiotic Exploration of Women in Liquor Advertisements in the Philippines
- Practice of Care in Korean and Japanese Horror Cinema
- Textual Analysis of the Most Popular South Korean Films: Value Practice of National Subjectivity Through Diverse Heroes from Humanistic Perspectives
- The Meaning of the Deletion of the Black Victim in Boys Don’t Cry
- The Universe Peoples: Interrogating Mediated Communication of a Symptomatic Deep Ecology via OReilly’s Everything
- Traversing Online Spaces: Communication Challenges and Experiences of Filipino MSM X Alters in Sexual Engagement and Social Networking
- Youth Attitudes Towards the Effects of Social Media Addiction: A Study on College Students in the United Arab Emirates

Other Arts
- Contribution to the Sustainability of Traditional Turkish Women’s Clothing Culture: Designing Traditional Metal Women’s Headpiece Jewelry Using Traditional Textile Techniques
- Cultural Resilience in the Digital Age: Exploring Taiwanese Indigenous Performing Arts
- Exploring Key Factors in the Intermediary Brokerage of Indigenous Carving Industry: A Case Study of the Jiaxing Tribe in Pingtung
- Exploring the Visual Logic in Early Chinese Cosmology

Other Humanities
- Evaluating HIV Risk Factors Among School Learners in Vhembe District Municipality, Limpopo
- Human Condition Matters: Applying Humanities-Based Scholarship Across Cultures and Sectors for Societal Impact
- Human-Elephant Conflict: A Spatial Pattern of Risk and Challenges in Koralaipattu South, Batticaloa
- Impact of Therapeutic Sound Frequencies on Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health
- Leaning on Culture: An Original Design Experiment in Post-Earthquake Architecture Studio Education
- Marriage, Plurality and Secularism: Sociological Exploration of Civil Marriage Law in India
- Of Miracles, Healings, and Protection: A Folkloric Study on the Use of Habak in the Tri-City of Cebu, Philippines
- The Paradox of Heritage Conservation Practice in the Context of Development, Law, and Governance: The Case of Torre de Manila

Performing Arts Practices: Theater, Dance, Music
- An Analysis of Compound Scales and Expanded Tonality in Chick Corea’s Children Song No.10
- Could Music Therapy Improve the Sexuality of Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Adjuvant Radiotherapy?
- Exploring the Role of Chinese Traditional Puppetry in Enhancing Primary Students’ Expressive Skills
- In-Between: A Portrayal of an East Asian Female Dancer in the U.S. Intersecting Dance and Technology
- Penting as an Indonesian Intangible Cultural Heritage: Penting Seka Merdu Komala Performance in Karangasem Bali
- Performing Live in Facebook Live During Pandemic
- Social, Economic, and Technological Barriers of the Music Industry in Cebu Province
- The Impact of Vocal Fold Lesions and Dysphonia on the Passaggi of a Commercial Music Singer
- The Uncanny in the Film Score of The Truman Show

Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness
- Confucian Virtue Epistemology: A Response to the Virtue Reliabilist-Responsibilist Dichotomy
- Reconceptualising the Anthropos in the Digital Arena
- The Dao and Avant Garde Understanding John Cage’s “4:33” from Ji Kang’s “Music Has in it Neither Grief nor Joy”
- The Ìjèbú Responses to the Àbíkú Metaphysical Phenomenon

Political Science
- The Impact of Negative Interval between the Conceptualization and Operationalization of Democratic Constitutionalism on the Durability of Contemporary Cambodia’s Democracy
- The Question of Bodo Sub-Nationalism in the Politics of Assam and its Assertion in the Print Media Discourse of Assam

Political Science, Politics
- Legislating Equality: India’s Path to Inclusive Policies for People with Disabilities

Religion, Spirituality
- A Study of the Significance of Folk Religious Beliefs in the Ancestral Indoctrination in Penghu, Taiwan
- Conceptual Analysis of Personal God Portrayed in Rabindranath Tagore’s Song and Poetry
- Everyday Magic: Analyzing the Esoteric Aesthetics and Narrative Within Contemporary Art and Popular Culture
- Religious (Digital) Activism in the Philippines: A Discourse Analysis of #ChurchInAction
- Spirituality and Its Impact on Leadership Behavior and Organizational Effectiveness

Science, Environment and the Humanities
- A Qualitative Exploration of Community Mobility Experiences of Wheelchair Users in a Peri-Urban South African Setting
- Analysis of Worthiness to Invest in Nursing Homes for the Elderly: Case study in Bangkok, Thailand
- Cinema in the Context of the ‘Everyday’ and Wellbeing: Colombo on a Motorcycle
- Conceptualizing the ‘Normalisation of Inconvenience’ in the Philippines
- Digital Game-Based Learning Applied to Popular Science Education: A Case Study of Butterfly Conservation in Taiwan
- Examining Community Development and Environmental Strategies in Yunlin County with Biotope Area Factor (BAF)
- Implications of Chinese Medicine’s Perspective on “Treating the Undiseased” for the Modern Living Environment
- Javanese Advice and Mythology as Disaster Education in Understanding the Semeru Eruption
- Lensing Learning and Development Activties Participated in by the Employees of SDO Nueva Vizcaya Through Kirkpatrick’s Model of Evaluation
- Leveraging On the Ubuntu Philosophy to Promote Sustainable Development Goals: A Perspective
- Navigating Well-Being and Academic Success: Insights from University Dormitory Life
- Re-structuring the University Network Infrastructure for Learners’ Access to Emerging Technologies Innovations for Enhanced Empowernment and Job Creations in Abia State
- Self-Care Ability Among the Elderly in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam: Some Recommendations on Health Policy for Elderly Care
- The Impact of Socioeconomic Factors on Solid Waste Management in Matale Municipal Council Area
- Unveiling Thai University Students’ Perceptions of Plant-Based Foods: A Pathway to Promote Healthy Eating
- Urban Farming in Modern Cities: Aquaponics as a Solution for Food Insecurity
- Urban Resilience Through Green Infrastructure in Dhaka: A Solution to Address Environmental Challenges
- Using a Free Environmental Citizen Science Smartphone Application for Research and Classroom Learning

Sexuality, Gender, Families
- An Inquiry into Gender in Vietnam: Advancing an Existential-Phenomenological Perspective
- Challenges of Education, Discrimination, and Social Exclusions of Third Gender Population (Hijra) in a Critical Study in Bangladesh
- Sexual Self-Concept and its Relationships with Self-Esteem and Life Satisfaction: Gender Difference as a Moderator
- The Body in Sexual Relations: Normative Shifts in Media Representations of the LGBTQ Community in India
- The Experiences of Left-Behind Fathers: Breaking the Traditional Filipino Paternal Roles in Parenting
- Transformative Narratives: Examining the Influence of Feminist Therapeutic Strategies and Ethnodrama in Enhancing Empowerment Among School Girls in Sri Lanka
- Travel to Transgress: Redefining Travelling for Women to Break Stereotypes through Cheryl Strayed’s Memoir ‘Wild’
- Wrestling as a Queer Performative Spectacle: Contextualising Heterotopia, Hyperreality, and Other Liminal Spaces Within South Asian Diasporic Filmic Representations

Social, Political and Community Agendas in the Arts
- A Case Study of Eco Criticism in the Visual Arts: The Work of Mabe Bethônico
- Beyond the ‘China Dream’: Re-Imagining Communities in Contemporary Chinese Art and Poetry on the Russo-Ukrainian War
- Millennial Women at the Bar
- Negotiation of Authorized Heritage Discourse in the Short-Form Video: A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Official Intangible Culture Heritage (ICH) Account
- Nurturing Growth, Transforming Remnants: A Comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Development Through Waste Repurposing, Phytoremediation, and Community Management in Mansoorwal Kalan
- Poetics and Politics of Rohingya Protest Poetry: A Study of Select Rohingya Poems
- Social Expectations in the Artist’s Image Construction and Art Interpretation in Ming and Qing China
- The Dutch East Indies Through Camera Lens: Sartorial as a Marker of Private and Public Spaces
- Unveiling Native Americans’ Wisdom Through the Traditional Chinese Paintings

Teaching and Learning
- A Case Study on Duolingo Application in Vocabulary Learning Strategies Among EFL Students
- A Study on the Experiential Learning Process Design of the Exploration Box of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs for Augmented Reality
- A Tri-Autoethnographic Study of Transcultural Learning in the US: Journey Towards the International Scholars Development
- Academic Challenges Encountered by Engineering Students in South African Colleges: A Case Study
- An Open Perspective on Open Schooling: An Application of Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach
- Appraising the Teaching Practicum: A Longitudinal Study on Pre-Service TESOL Teachers in Hong Kong
- Art for Learning Oracle
- Camera, What is Camera?
- Critical Reading to Enhance Critical Thinking
- Development of a Renewable Energy E-Book Integrated with 3D Images of “Rainwater Power Plant” as a Contextual Learning Media
- Development Principles and Practice of Korean Reading Textbooks for Elementary and Intermediate Learners of Korean
- Effectiveness of Implementing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Arts, Mathematics) Challenge-Based Learning in Changing Students’ Conservation Perceptions Regarding Rare Plants
- EFL Novice Teachers’ Perspectives on the Use of Communicative Language Teaching Approach at Primary Level
- Empowering Communication and Collaboration Skills of Prospective Biology Teachers with a Global Insight Through Lesson Study
- Engineering Students’ Practices and Behaviors During Mechanics Problem-Solving at the University of Rwanda: Exploring the Usage of Multiple Representations
- English Teachers’ Perspectives and Experiences of Integrating Technology-Based Media for Young Learners
- English Through Art, Drawing and Drama: An Approach to Creativity Through AI for English Language Acquisition in the EFL/ESL Classroom
- Enhancing Electrical Engineering Learning through Model-Making Skills and Material Exploration Applied in Design
- Entrepreneurship Education (ENT600) and the Enhancement of Skills for Graduate Employability in the University of Buea
- Examining Students’ Perceptions and Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Business Education
- Exploring Existing Scenarios and Best Practices of Video Conferencing Systems Using PACT Framework
- Exploring the Adaptability of Older Adults to Virtual Reality (VR) Through Experiential Teaching Courses
- Exploring the Impact of Mentors on Student Teachers’ Professional Development During Practice Teaching in the Foundation Phase
- Exploring the Interconnected Dynamics of Mathematical Confidence, Teacher Engagement, Student Comprehensibility, and Material Mastery: Insights from TIMSS 2015
- Freedom or Focus?
- How Urgent is Physics Sensemaking for Indonesian High School Students? A Literature Review
- Impact of Embedding Cultural and Wellbeing Activities in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Courses
- In-Depth Investigative Exploration of Perceptions of Junior High School Teachers on the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Education
- Integrating Social Design into Design Education Pedagogy
- Investigating ELC Teachers’ Beliefs, Attitudes and Challenges in Utilizing Online Teaching Tools: A Post Covid Era Study
- Narrative Inquiry: Teachers’ Challenges of Teaching English in Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era
- Perception of Teachers on Socio-Economic Barriers to Program Implementation in Ekiti State Secondary Schools
- Results of the Development of a Scientific Learning Package to Promote Scientific Process Skills for Teacher Students
- Stacking Skills for Success: Micro-Credentials in a Singapore Institute of Higher Education
- Struggles Coping with Emotions in Professional Lives: First-Year Teaching Experiences of Indonesian EFL Novice Teachers
- Students Perception of Learning ‘Canvas’ Management System: A Case Study of Higher Education Institution
- Supplementing Mobile-Assisted Language Learning Strategies for EFL Students: A Case Study of Duolingo User’s Experience
- Teacher Noticing: Prospects, Benefits, and Challenges
- Teaching Ethical Decision-Making Using Frameworks and Interactive Case Studies
- Teaching Implementation and Innovation of Design Practice Course with Application of ARCS-V Motivational Model
- Teaching Learning Strategies for Public Funded Higher Education Institutions in Telangana – A Quality Enhancement Model
- Teaching Through a Case Study: Civic Service Exams in History and Modern Society in East Asia
- The Development of Animation Video-Based Learning Material by Combining Mobile Applications for Teaching English at the Secondary Level
- The Effects of SPOC on Improving University Student’s Multicultural Health Concept
- The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on B.C. Secondary School Students’ Schooling Experience: A Survey Inquiry and Thought Experiment
- The Status and Implementation of Active Learning in Teaching Mathematics in Some Selected Preparatory Secondary Schools of Southern Zone Tigiray
- Using Problem-Based Learning Through Lesson Study to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills of Preservice Biology Teacher in Research Methodology Course

Teaching and Learning the Arts
- A Preliminary Study of Painting as a Balancing Influence on Body and Mind
- A Study on Integrating Bloom’s Taxonomy with AI Learning Partners to Enhance Self-Directed Learning in Visual Communication Drawing Courses
- Analysis of English Article Use by Mongolian Students: On the Cases of GMIT Students
- Behavioral Intention to Utilize Virtual Laboratories Services: An Extension of The Unified Theory of Technology Acceptance and Usage
- Creativity and Wellbeing: Theory, Practice, and Research
- Exploring Diverse Perspectives on How Sexualization Impacts Youth in Competitive Dance
- Exploring the Pedagogical Value of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Interlinking Traditional Knowledge of a Craft-form and Dance-form for Curriculum Development
- Harmonising Tradition: An Ethnographic Exploration of Nanyin Pedagogy in Singapore
- Intersecting Pathways: Integrating Arts, English Language, and Technology for Disabled Learners in Indonesia
- Investigating the Impact of Digital Game-Based Learning on Musical Education
- Magic Theatre: Exploring the Impact of Magic in Educational Theater on Confidence and Creativity
- Problem-Based Learning as a Teaching Technique of University: Case Study of a Packaging Design Program
- Redefining Reality: Art Education and Student Sensibilities at the Digital Inflection Point
- Research on the Effectiveness of Creativity Development in Primary School Children Using Creative Problem-Solving Teaching Model – Taking Arduino Technology
- Students’ Visual Narratives Beyond Adversity
- Transformative Educational Strategies: Incorporating SDGs into Art Education Within ODL Frameworks

Visual Arts Practices
- A Living Gallery: Audiovisual Construction in a Cultural Co-creation Project Within a Public Space
- Beyond the Satellite Gaze: Redefining Urban Perspectives Through Photography
- Digital Technology and Display Applications of Dunhuang Murals – A Case Study of Dunhuang Animation Cartoon
- Efforts to Improve Learners’ Creativity Through the Art Practice of Making Batik Jumputan at Elementary School
- Exploring the Concept of Spirituality in the Design of Spaces: Implementing the Spiritual Dimension in Space
- Missed of Lacking: The Uncanny Opened by the ‘Failure’ of Artwork Serves as a Origin for Artistic Creation
- Photo-Entanglement: Re-imagining Romanian Culture from Afar Through Still Life Photographic Images of Wolf Myths
- Preserving Traditions: Exploring Avenues for Chinese Calligraphy in Community Engagement
- The Meaningful Pixel and Texture: Exploring Digital Vision and Art Practice Based on Chinese Cosmotechnics