Conference Theme: “Justice”

April 7–10, 2016 | Art Center Kobe, Kobe, Japan

The Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities 2016 (ACAH2016) was held alongside The Asian Conference on Literature 2016 (LibrAsia2016) and brought together 162 delegates from 33 countries to consider the conference theme of “Justice”: the various symbolic definitions of justice, the more sinister ideas and practices that relate to justice, crime and punishment, the shaping of narratives and contentious issues of meaning to see truth as justice, and justice as seen through the lens of the media.

Speakers included Dr Monty P. Satiadarma, clinical psychologist and former rector of Tarumanagara University, Indonesia, and Professor Myles Chilton of Nihon University, Japan, who presented with Dr A. Robert Lee, formerly of the English Department at Nihon University, Tokyo, on the subject of "Literature and Justice: Text, Teaching".

ACAH2016 Conference Photographs

Human interaction is at the root of all knowledge creation, and hence the great importance of the conference in introducing, testing and spreading ideas through challenging, rigorous and thought provoking discussion and debate. But beyond that, a conference is also a great chance to meet people from around the world, and to extend and grow ones’s professional network, and above all, to make friends.

It may be impossible to tell the story of the conference, or rather the many hundreds of interlocking stories that go to make up the conference, but the documentary photography in this slideshow aims to give a taster of the more serious academic side of the event, as well as the lighter side…

ACAH2016 Virtual Presentations