Art and Narrative in the Public Sphere

Drawing on the conference theme of “History, Story, Narrative”, this panel will examine art as a medium for telling stories and creating narrative, and how curation can be used to contextualise and situate works of art.

In a comparative analysis encompassing divergent cultural perspectives, the panellists will discuss the politics and role of art, drawing on examples from both Singapore and Japan, and comparing and contrasting with other countries.

The panel will focus on the importance and continued relevance of art in the public sphere, addressing questions of how public art and public spaces can create stories and narratives, and how these narratives can assist in the construction and structuring of a national identity, including the following: How can art create a public dialogue? How can this dialogue be harnessed for the good of the community? And what is the role played by curation in contributing to the development of a local, regional and national community and economy?

Image | The Tower of the Sun (located in Osaka Prefecture) by Japanese artist Tarō Okamoto

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