Navigating Polarising Discourses: Cultivating Values-Based Literacies in a Multimodal Society

In modern society, literacy extends beyond mere reading and writing skills to encompass the ability to navigate the diverse modes through which meanings are constructed. Therefore, a literate person is, by definition, somebody who interprets and designs meaning-making entities in a competent manner. Fostering multiliteracies is vital for cultivating critical literacy in a world where ‘texts’ found throughout society and on various media platforms shape our perceptions.

Addressing social conflicts and polarising views requires a nuanced approach rooted in the ethics of care and dialogue, emphasising empathy, and cultivating respectful communication. By scrutinising the axiological dimensions of media messages and recognising the influence of diverse societal values, we gain insight into the underlying dynamics of social discourse. This presentation underscores the interconnectedness of these ideas and stresses the importance of cultivating an ethical and critical framework for engaging with diverse perspectives in our interconnected, "glocal" society.

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