Marusya Nainggolan


Marusya Nainggolan learned to play the piano from her father, Sutan Kalimuda Nainggolan, and continued her music education at the Music Education Foundation under the supervision of Rudi Laban. She graduated in 1980 from the Jakarta Institute of Arts, Indonesia, and obtained scholarships from the Australian Foreign Affairs to study at the Sydney Conservatory, New South Wales, Australia (1980-1984) to obtain a Bachelor of Music under the supervision of Mme Sonya Hanke (piano) and Dr Graham Heir (composition). From 1987 to 1989 she obtained Fulbright scholarships and completed her Master of Music Art in Boston University, USA, under the supervision of Professor Theodore Antonious, Dr M. Marryman and Professor Bernard Rands. She was the General Secretary for the Indonesian Copyright Society (1995-2002), Chair of the Indonesian Composer Society, Secretary of the Jakarta Art Council and Head of the Jakarta Art Institute (2004-2010). She is now teaching European studies at the University of Indonesia, and performs music nationally and internationally, besides participating as a music counsellor for studies on music and health in the National Health Department.

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