Measuring Value: 80 Goals for 7 Stakeholders

When a company says that it is “creating value” what specifically does this mean? After collecting impact measurement and sustainability reporting and disclosure data from 15 of the world's top ESG and sustainability frameworks, our research team synthesized these into seven unique stakeholder groups, with 80 clear, transparent and objective goals that any organization regardless of size, industry or market can begin focusing on in order to create real and measurable value. This presentation will introduce the results of our assessment of these various value assessors and offer a first draft of stakeholder-focused goals that we have derived from our analyses. We call this goal-based approach to measuring and managing value across these seven stakeholder groups “Ethical Capitalism” which goes one step beyond stakeholder capitalism to provide a clear set of goals towards which firms of any size, or within any industry can aim to collectively achieve. This presentation aims to help business leaders take tangible steps to achieve a common set of sustainability goals and in doing so, create much needed alignment across all stakeholders that they serve.

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Posted by IAFOR