Timothy Langley


With 40+ years of experience in public affairs in Japan, Timothy Langley is the founder and driving force behind Langley Esquire, K.K. He leads the firm’s government and corporate outreach, advances stakeholder engagement, and crafts public affairs strategies for company clients.

Timothy Langley holds law degrees from Georgetown University and the University of Denver in the United States, as well as from Tohoku University, Japan. He combines a comprehensive understanding of international law with a unique perspective gained from decades working in and alongside the Japanese government. Langley was the first foreign national to work in the National Diet, serving as a policy aide to former Foreign Minister Nakayama Taro. He has developed and maintained contacts with senior politicians in all major parties since.

Langley has served as a political attaché for United States presidents and diplomats when they visit Japan, coordinating meetings with senior figures in the Japanese government. He has also served as General Counsel and Director of Public Affairs for Apple Computer and General Motors Asia-Pacific, supporting their operations in Japan. Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 firms have relied on his expertise to navigate Japan’s political and legal environment.

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