Johan Edelheim


Johan R. Edelheim (PhD) is a Professor of Tourism and Media at the Research Faculty of Media and Communication and the Graduate School of International Media, Communication and Tourism Studies at Hokkaido University, Japan.

After more than a decade working in hospitality and tourism industries around the globe, Professor Edelheim transitioned to teaching in secondary and tertiary education in these fields. He later managed the largest tourism educational institute in northern Europe for five years. Japan, where he relocated in 2019, is the eighth country in which Professor Edelheim has lived and worked.

Professor Edelheim has diplomas and degrees in education, philosophy, cultural studies, hospitality, and business. Behind his research lies a deeply rooted aim for humanism and equality. Most of his studies focus on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), especially in connection with tourism and hospitality Higher Education; Critical Tourism Studies (CTS) in regards to climate change, equality, identity, ethnicity and care; and foundational philosophies in tourism, with a special interest in ontology and axiology.

Keynote Presentation (2024) | Navigating Polarising Discourses: Cultivating Values-Based Literacies in a Multimodal Society

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