Recentering English and the Humanities in the Asian University in the 21st Century

The panel yesterday organised by Professor Yoshihara sought to situate the practice of English-learning and by extension the institutional model of Asian university in the broader context of Cold War politics. We hope to continue this discussion by examining how in the post-Cold War period (1990- ), English has increasingly established itself as a global (and therefore Asian) language, and considering ways in which the humanities may be regarded not as an obsolete importation from the Western academy but as a continually relevant site of disciplinary contestation and opportunity.

Featured Panel Presentations

Panel Chair: Steve Clark

Global English’s Centers of Conversation Myles Chilton

The Canon Zoomed Out: Big Data and the Worlding of American Literature L. Ashley Squires

Identifying and Re-defining Conceptual Frames in the Intercultural Humanities Michael O’Sullivan

Literature in the Age of Technological Disruption John W P Phillips

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