Rokuro Tabuchi


Professor Rokuro Tabuchi is a professor in the Faculty of Human Sciences at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, where he has taught sociology since 2007. He also serves as Associate Director of the Island Sustainability Institute, which was launched in 2022 at Sophia University to foster transdisciplinary collaboration with various partners to conduct valuable research activities supporting island sustainability in Japan and overseas. His research and teaching areas include family sociology, demography, and sustainability studies. He was a key member of the international research project on Family Patterns and Family Change in East Asia in the 2000s, the results of which culminated in the co-edited book "Changing Families in Northeast Asia" (Sophia University Press, 2012) and other publications. He was a principal investigator of the 2018 National Family Research of Japan (NFRJ) conducted by the National Family Research Committee of the Japan Society of Family Sociology. He has served on the boards of the Japan Society of Family Sociology and the Japan Sociological Society. His most recent research areas include an investigation of sustainable community development in remote islands and other disadvantaged areas.

Panel Presentation (2024) | Ethics and Care in Sole Custody Policy

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