How Adoption Disclosure Impact on Identity and Family Relationship (77661)

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Adoption disclosure are encouraged by the Taiwanese government. However, many adoptive parents are still hesitant to do so, as they are afraid it may harm the parent-child relationship. This qualitative examined the adoption disclosure experience of adoptees. The aims of this study are to understand the adoptees' experience of adoption disclosure, their feelings after learning disclosure, and the impact of on the parent-child relationship and their adoption identity. The thematic analysis was used to create higher order themes and sub-themes, and the higher order themes of this research are : timing of disclosure, adoptees’ reaction, parent-child relationship, adoption identity and suggestion to adoption agency. A total 40 interview invitations were extended, 6 participants accepted. Among the other 34, 18 were unreachable, 7 had not yet disclosure, and 9 refused. Findings are centered around the experience of disclosure, the process of disclosure and finally the impact of disclosure on identity and parent-child relationship. All 6 participants were disclosure around preschool and school age, who perceive disclosure as an on going process rather than a single event. They prefer early disclosure and wish to understand the reason for their adoption. One participant was experience delayed disclosure and discovered it accidentally, thus impeded her pursuit of adoption identity. Regardless of early or delayed disclosure, all participants believed that as long as the foundation of parent-child relationship is sufficiently stable, disclosure will not affect the relationship.

Tsung Chieh Ma, Soochow University, Taiwan
I-Ling Chen, Children Welfare League Foundation, Taiwan

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"Dr Tsung Chieh Ma is teaching at the Department of Social Work, Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan.
With 25years of experience teaching courses in both undergraduate and graduate levels. Major fields are IVP, Child Welfare, Gender Issues, Diversity, and Adopti"

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