Empowering Academia Through Self-Narratives for Professional Development in Synthetic and Human Generated Podcasts (78398)

Session Information: Teaching and Learning Experiences
Session Chair: Yousra Ferchichi

Monday, 27 May 2024 10:55
Session: Session 1
Room: Room A (Live-Stream)
Presentation Type: Live-Stream Presentation

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Social and emotional learning are defining characteristics for mapping identities not only in personal schemata but also professionally speaking. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are driving principles for students as well as teachers. A person who is heard, understood, and included will bring forth the best possible outcomes for one’s community. In this paper, advancing inclusive leadership and leveraging self-narratives through AI will be tackled through the means of podcasting both in real-life narratives with global contributions and a sample synthetic podcast series of interviews. The presenter will juxtapose and demonstrate the difference between a human-conducted and an AI-generated podcast. On the same scale, in this session, the presenter will showcase the importance of articulating the voices of English Language teachers (ELT) and global leadership not only in Tunisia as a case study but also in a global stance. Light will be shed on the “Ikigai”, which is a borrowing from a Japanese concept that means the purpose of life, for each guest in the podcast series. During these interviews, interviewees imparted their personal and professional narratives by relating their “Kaizen”, which is a theory of continuous improvement, to teaching and leadership development in the education field. All these transformations have been endorsed and enhanced through AI-powered content from generating AI music, videos, and generic voice creation through open AI and AI Labs. Proportionally, podcasting has been adapted as an active learning experience and a growth mindset opportunity to leverage the competencies of Engineering students to fit into the CDIO standards.

Yousra Ferchichi, MUST University, Tunisia

About the Presenter(s)
Yousra is a linguistics Ph.D. candidate with a Master’s in English, holds a CELTA and has been active in ELT since 2009 in higher Ed. A member of the Steering Committee of TESOL CALL-IS and founded the Ikigai and Kaizen podcasts.

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