Comparative Analysis of Paranoia in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Miyazaki’s Chihiro (79435)

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This article examines paranoia in Miyazaki’s Chihiro from 'Spirited Away' and in Shakespeare’s Macbeth from 'Macbeth' through the lens of Foucault’s Psychoanalytic theories as described by Kelly (2020). Foucault's exploration of paranoia and fear's dominion as a function of identity provides a nuanced lens through which to dissect the trajectories of Macbeth and Chihiro in the realms of the respective texts. The interplay between paranoia, identity, and agency unfolds as a salient thematic thread that underscores the dichotomous ways in which fear can shape destinies. While Macbeth's tragic spiral illustrates the perilous consequences of unchecked paranoia, Chihiro's liberation through confrontation demonstrates the potential for fear to serve as a transformative force, fostering personal growth and emancipation from its stifling grasp.
By unpacking the nuanced dynamics of anxiety in the lives of these characters, this study contributes to the scholarship on character development, psychology, and literary analysis. The article underscores the significance of Foucault’s psychoanalytic perspective in elucidating the transformative potential and destructive consequences of paranoia in narrative fiction.

Sanjukta Chakraborty, Amity University, India
Varun Gulati, University of Delhi, India
Deepali Sharma, Amity University, India

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Ms Sanjukta Chakraborty is a University Doctoral Student at Amity University in India

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