How Do You Define and Express Filial Piety? Understanding Chinese Intergenerational Relationships (80068)

Session Information: Comparative Cultural Studies
Session Chair: Dasim Budimansyah

Sunday, 26 May 2024 09:55
Session: Session 1
Room: Room 705
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Filial piety (Xiao) is one of the most important concepts to understand Chinese intergenerational relationships. The current study examined the definitions and expressions of filial piety, as well differences between gender, generations, and only-child young adults and those with siblings. A total of 260 college students from one medium-sized university in Eastern China participated in the study. Participants responded to three open-ended questions: How do you define filial piety in your own words? What do you do or say to express your filial piety? Are there any differences between generations in understanding and expressing filial piety? Open-ended responses to the questions were coded using analytic induction method by a research team consisting of a Chinese American professor and three exchange students from China. A series of Chi-Square analyses were conducted to compare the differences between gender, generations, and participants with and without siblings.

Reciprocating love to parents, pleasing parents, communication, sharing parents’ burden, self-achievement, and taking care of parents were the most common definitions and expressions of filial piety. Female participants were more likely to list reciprocating parents love, pleasing parents, helping with housework, taking care of parents, and improving parents’ living conditions than did male participants. Young adults believed the older generation focused more on material support, were more obedient and more filial, while the younger generation considered more on the emotional need of their parents. Only-child participants were more likely to list communication with parents as filial piety. Limitations and implications of the study were discussed.

Shuangyue Zhang, Sam Houston State University, United States

About the Presenter(s)
Dr Shuangyue Zhang is a University Professor/Principal Lecturer at Sam Houston State University in United States

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