Role and Function of “Sài Gòn Giải Phóng News” During the Resistance Against Foreign Invasions (80954)

Session Information: History/Historiography
Session Chair: Ngoc Thuy Vi Pham

Sunday, 26 May 2024 10:45
Session: Session 1
Room: Room 707
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Currently, “Sài Gòn Giải Phóng News” or “Liberated Saigon” (西貢解放日報in Chinese and Sài Gòn Giải Phóng in Vietnamese) is owned by the Vietnamese Communist Party and published in Vietnamese, Chinese and English. It is the only Chinese language newspaper in Vietnam and serves as the propaganda organ of the Vietnamese Communist Party. “Sài Gòn Giải Phóng News” originates from the “Cong Nhan News”, the first Chinese language newspaper in Saigon in 1965. Under the control of the Ngo Dinh Diem regime, “Cong Nhan newspaper” was secretly published. By 1968, “Cong Nhan News” changed its name to “Giai Phong News”. Throughout the resistance against the foreign invasion, Liberated Saigon played a crucial role in propagating the principles of the Vietnamese Communist Party. It condemned the imperialist war waged by the foreign invaders in Vietnam. It simultaneously educated and enlightened the ethnic Chinese people to support the Vietnamese revolution and to participate in the nationwide resistance of the Vietnamese people. This paper focuses on the following main issues: (1) The participation of the ethnic Chinese in Saigon in the resistance against foreign invasions; (2) The establishment and development of “Liberated Saigon”; (3) The role and function of “Liberated Saigon” in the Chinese community in Saigon during the period of resistance against the foreign invasions.

Ngoc Thuy Vi Pham, University of Social Science and Humanities & Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

About the Presenter(s)
PHẠM, NGỌC THÚY VI obtained her PhD degree in Anthropological linguistics from the National Cheng Kung University, TAIWAN. She is a lecturer in the Faculty of Anthropology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities Ho Chi Minh City.

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