School Engagement of High School Students in an Arab Country Through an Everchanging Era (80973)

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This study investigates the degree of student engagement in schools in an Arab country. Its aim is to measure the various aspects of student engagement that are reflected in a score range. The study’s purpose is to advocate for a culture of security, support, and engagement in schools to exert the expected change in an era that witnesses different changes. The investigation adopts quantitative methodology. The data is collected by administering the already validated questionnaire “Student Engagement Instrument” (SEI) (Appleton et al., 2006). The sample (N=600) is from students who are registered in low high school. Findings reflected through bivariate results reveal significant data in all engagement subfactors ordered as follows: 1) Future Aspirations & Goals with seven variables, 2) Peer Support for Learning with six variables, 3) Teacher-Student Relationship with five variables, 4) Control and Relevance of School Work with five variables, 5) Extrinsic Motivation with four variables and 6) Family Support for Learning with 2 variables. The variable that showed more consistency across all subfactors was the school type and least variable was Mother’s job sector. The reflected perceptions of student engagement assert the importance and role of such school engagement in promoting the personal and social change that the continuously changing world demands; hence, it shows the impact of schools in the personal and social change and development in an Arab country through an everchanging era.

Rasha M. Khodor, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Isabel Alvarez, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

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Dr Isabel Alvarez is a University Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer at Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain

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