Archaeological Study of Harappan Burials in India, with Special Reference to Kalibangan (80990)

Session Information: Cultural Studies
Session Chair: Suchandra Ghosh

Monday, 27 May 2024 16:25
Session: Session 4
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Seven out of hundreds of Harappan sites, discovered and unearthed in the Indian subcontinent, have borne considerable burial data through excavation, on the basis of which an inference could be drawn on the socio-cultural life of the inhabitants of those times. These seven sites are located along the northern and western part of India. Primary resources, excavation, archaeological evidences, latest researches, and scientific data has made it possible to understand the demographic representation in burials, their role or place in the society, and, in the interpretation of possible ideas to understand, if not reconstruct, the societal structure, and probable cognitive and methodological ideologies connected to the disposal of the dead during the Harappan times. A brief overview of the socio-cultural complexity, through study of burials, with special reference to the burials of Kalibangan as a typical case study, and, a comparative analysis with the other Harappan sites that have produced considerable burial data, has been taken up in this research paper. Ranging from a possibility to understand interactions with other Harappa sites, to, continuity of cultural traditions, and probable disintegration of the societal structure has also been attempted. Discussion of a probable methodology, towards such a study, involving the disposal of the dead and their societal implications, has also been discussed in the paper.

Satarupa Bal, Archaeological Survey of India, India
Vasant Kumar Swarnkar, Archaeological Survey of India, India

About the Presenter(s)
Dr. Satarupa Bal is an archaeologist working with the Government of India, Archaeological Survey of India, and is engaged in research work comprising of the archaeology of the Indian subcontinent. She is also pursuing her Post Doctoral research.

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